Sweden: Xpress V64 19.1.2024

Pre Race Rankings for Xpress V64, Färjestad and Umåker.
Remember the opinion you should follow should be your own.
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Paramount Tile (1) Ranking: D
Amigo Racer (2) Ranking: D
Strong Vacation (3) Ranking: B
Chuck Yeager (4) Ranking: C
Danilo H.B. (5) Ranking: B
Feline Burgerheide (6) Ranking: C
Myse d’Erpion (7) Ranking: C
Theycallmesixten (8) Ranking: A

Rickard af R.F. (1) Ranking: D
Re Vital (2) Ranking: D
B.G.Ramona M. (3) Ranking: D
Prins Modde (4) Ranking: A
Lia Stubin (5) Ranking: B
Eldar (6) Ranking: D
Eldgrej (7) Ranking: D
M.P.Domino (8) Ranking: C
Fall Galder (9) Ranking: D
Teknolina (10) Ranking: B
Magnat (11) Ranking: D
Kleppbest (12) Ranking: C
Wik Viktoria (13) Ranking: D

Pontiac (1) Ranking: B
Tosca Tilly (2) Ranking: D
Baron Tilly (3) Ranking: S
Velocius Crowd One (4) Ranking: C
Inferno Launcher (5) Ranking: D
Zurigo D.V.S. (6) Ranking: D
Explode (7) Ranking: B
Buttermere (8) Ranking: D
Wilson Laylock (9) Ranking: C

Abercrombie A.F. (1) Ranking: D
I’m Alice (2) Ranking: D
Witch Hazel (3) Ranking: D
Fiddlers Bitch (4) Ranking: B
Noronha Boko (5) Ranking: C
Kat’s Kobolt (6) Ranking: C
Nice Birthday (7) Ranking: D
Milan di Quattro (8) Ranking: B
Brogan Bay (9) Ranking: B
Stoneisle Vega (10) Ranking: B
Nisaba (11) Ranking: D
Herkules L.A. (12) Ranking: B

Mael (1) Ranking: C
Global Cutthecrap (2) Ranking: B
Edler (3) Ranking: D
Jockes Abbot (4) Ranking: D
Bowling Orlando (5) Ranking: B
Ramos (6) Ranking: B
Kung Carl Autriche (7) Ranking: C
Gizmo (8) Ranking:
Stommens Lisa (9) Ranking:
Skywalker (10) Ranking: B
Wiltons (11) Ranking: D
Fiber Shot (12) Ranking: D

Cracker Jack (1) Ranking: D
M.T.Rick Nash (2) Ranking: C
Polar Operation (3) Ranking: C
Magic Caviar (4) Ranking:
A.W.’s Kicklight (5) Ranking: D
Jas (6) Ranking: D
Bollinger Bishop (7) Ranking: A
Blues Brother (8) Ranking: B
Infinite Mass (9) Ranking: D
M.T.Sollentuna (10) Ranking: D
Kane Beuckenswijk (11) Ranking: D