Sweden: Boden V4 23.1.2024

Pre Race Rankings for Boden V4.
Remember the opinion you should follow should be your own.
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Diamond Flight (1) Ranking: D
Mira (2) Ranking: D
Oscar Sjöhammar (3) Ranking: D
Magical Survivor (4) Ranking: S
Donna Guerriera (5) Ranking: B
Sweet Gold (6) Ranking: C
Perfekt Gehör (7) Ranking: D
Aya Face (8) Ranking: D
David (9) Ranking: D
Jocashi (10) Ranking: D
Lucky Point (11) Ranking: D
B.G.Emma (12) Ranking: D

Astrid Avenue (1) Ranking:
Epulu (2) Ranking: D
Hjalmar Xpress (3) Ranking: S
Jiminy Cricket (4) Ranking: D
Flashman’s Gordon (5) Ranking: C
Ice Cold Beer (6) Ranking: B
Onkel Tooma (7) Ranking: C
Ignazio d’Arc (8) Ranking: B

So Chic (1) Ranking: C
Marttistrip (2) Ranking: C
Beast (3) Ranking: A
Someity (4) Ranking: D
Miss L.A. (5) Ranking: D
Hotspot Simoni (6) Ranking: B
Jerome di Quattro (7) Ranking: C
Lord of Tooma (8) Ranking: D
Bellatrix Club (9) Ranking: C
Party Brodda (10) Ranking: D

Djang Limit (1) Ranking: B
Soleil d’Inverne (2) Ranking: C
Gazoline (3) Ranking: C
Atlas Eagra (4) Ranking: D
Durello (5) Ranking: C
The Oak L.A. (6) Ranking: B
Gogobet Sisu (7) Ranking: B
M.T.Oberon (8) Ranking: C
Great Father (9) Ranking: D
Holy Moses Mearas (10) Ranking: B