France: Prix d’Amérique 2024

Sharing race related data for Prix D Amerique

  1. 12 Idao De Tillard: Last victory under control despite not looking at its best. Recovering from illness, missed a week of training and a planned race. Talented horse, but current form is uncertain. Last lost in December 2022.
  2. 14 Hooker Berry: Defending champion focusing on improving race fitness. Previous win with shoes on, likely to perform better without them. A contender for victory.
  3. 11 Ampia Mede SM: Last year’s runner-up gaining attention but not in top form. Needs improvement for a chance at victory.
  4. 17 Joviality: Followed well in the last race, facing a tougher task now. Requires a good race for a top position. Driver’s experience in big races is a plus.
  5. 7 Go On Boy: Elite race second-place finisher, recent impressive finish, racing without shoes for the first time. Lack of starting speed could be a hindrance.
  6. 5 Izoard Vedaquis: Last win from the lead but may struggle with slow starts. Difficult to see at the top due to lack of sprinting speed.
  7. 6 Gu D´Heripre: 2021 Prix D´Amérique third-place finisher making a comeback after an injury. Showing signs of nearing peak form but may lack sprinting speed for a win.
  8. 13 Hail Mary: Started well last time but got stuck inside. A successful race is crucial for a high placement, but everything must go smoothly for a win.
  9. 4 Hussard Du Landret: Recent wins with shoes on, previous interference in the finishing phase. Potential for a surprise with a perfect race, but may lack the required toughness.
  10. 16 Hohneck: Elitloppet winner having a lackluster season. Success seems unlikely.
  11. 2 Hokkaido Jiel: Requires a precise race, has potential for a high finish with a good run.
  12. 1 Inmarosa: Promising young horse, last finished equal with Go On Boy. Has a chance for a high position if everything goes well.
  13. 8 Italiano Vero: Last race included a break in stride, unlikely to win.
  14. 3 Emeraude De Bais: 10-year-old mare surprising in the last race but faces a tough challenge.
  15. 18 Vivid Wise As: Successful career possibly affected by recent illness.
  16. 10 Aetos Kronos: Unconvincing last time, success would be a huge surprise.
  17. 9 Diable De Vauvert: 2022 Harper Hanovers winner facing low chances due to injury and aging. Last race was average.
  18. 15 Delia Du Pommeraux: Former top mare unlikely to succeed at 11 years old.