Welcome to TotePoint.com! This  website is designed for those interested in trotting / harness racing betting.

The main purpose of the site is to increase people’s knowledge about value betting, as well as to act as an information site focusing on trotting/harness racing.
We constantly strive to produce guides, so that our users can get deeper knowledge about this fascinating hobby including: trots, bookmakers and other game forms.

  1. Pre Race Analysis
    Our Pre Race Rankings / Analysis is based on a machine learning model that utilizes several historical datasets and data from the track. Each model is designed for their own country / purpose, but the results are scaled to fit rough S,A-D ranking points for each runner. Personally we use this model for base for our main betting model (that uses more information closer to the post time of the actual race)

    Why we dont offer more precise pre race values for example rough percentage points?
    The answer is simple: We aim to release our rankings at least 4h before the actual race. Our rankings work as a base for more precise value estimates on the track during warm-up for example. The opinion you should follow should always be your own. Just consider the analysis a second opinion.  

  2. Betting Calculators
    We try to offer tools to  be used on the track. Including bet sizing and for example Harville Method: Quinella, Trifecta and Exacta calculators. There are other calculators on the works as well.

  3. Betting Theory
    This portion of the site is still on the works. Explaining on how we consturct our bets. Now including only Pick X (V75, V64, TOTO4 or Pick5 for example) betting theory. 

You can ask more about our model or anything on X : @TotePoint